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Black And Red by ScalematePrincess
Black And Red
I've gotten reeaally into the 1920's (and 1880's-90's but that's another story) so i did this!!! (I'm pretty sure that slit is impossibly high but i'm too happy!):excited: 
And all the fangirls just die by ScalematePrincess
And all the fangirls just die
This was pretty much my reaction to the whole #CutForZayn fiasco (asides from laughing at the sheer stupidity). I figure this would be what happened if Len quit music forever.

I started this two years ago and coulnt put in in context until now. And I didnt want to scrap it because I'm really proud of the bloodwork forgive meSpooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon 
A Little Truth by ScalematePrincess
A Little Truth
I made this some time in June last year but didn't post it because, in all honesty, I'm ashamed of the story behind it. Exactly a year before I made this, there was this 'incident' that happened at school. I don't like thinking about it and i don't like the fact that it happened in general, it takes a lot out of me and i honestly feel like curling up into a ball and dying afterwords. 

I don't usually get stressed when it comes to tests or exams - I get the mark I deserve for whatever effort I put into studying, so I don't ever have to panic - but then there came an exam where I studied a whole week straight and it felt hopeless anyway because the most I've ever gotten for that subject is about 40%. I turn into a bit of a bitch when people interrupt my studying and some people found it absolutely hilarious that they could get me to flip my shit over a little thing like a paper ball, for example. Three days before the exam there was this one specific girl who just WOULDN'T QUIT. SHE USED EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY TO HARASS ME ABOUT WHY I WAS SO IRRITABLE AND IT DROVE ME UP THE WALL AND I KEPT QUIET AND I TRIED TO IGNORE HER BUT SHE WOULDN'T QUIT
There was this thing that a girl sitting next to me did when we were supposed to study that always grabbed my attention no matter where in the room she was and SARAH FREAKING DID THAT THING ON PURPOSE EVEN THOUGH SHE KNEW HOW BADLY I WANTED TO PASS AND SHE KNEW HOS STRESS ABOUT THIS EXAM I WAS AND SHE KNEW HOW FUCKING CLOSE I WAS TO BREAKING AND SHE FUCKING DID IT ANYWAY.

and i snapped.

Things from that point are blurry, but i remember being pried off her by a teacher on the other side of the school, i remember spending the rest of break crying in the bathroom and i remember not remembering anything i studied over that week.

I almost got suspended because of her. 

What makes it worse is that
                1. she played/still plays the victim card for all it's worth and tries to ruin every single friendship i have with the fact that i probably would have killed her if there wasn't a teacher in the corridor i chased her into. 
and           2. that wasn't the first time it happened. 

the first time happened two years before that i had a pair of scissors and i chased and pinned down a member of the hockey team and i rationed that it was because she stole something from one of my friends and that I don't like my friends getting hurt because of some stupid prank.

I'm probably never gonna let myself forget it, and although the girl I nearly stabbed in seventh grade forgives me (we had the same taste in music, plus I'm adorableTony Tony Chopper (Sparkle Eyes) [V3] ), i honestly cant help but be afraid that it might happen again, with someone i really care about. 

base by: :icongrangerpixel:
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On September the Fourth in the year 2014, tragedy of the worst kind struck. 
My laptop charger blew a fuse and shut the whole house down.

Upon the recovery of power a few hours later, I realized that the charger would no longer work, and I needed a replacement. Easy right?

Three days after, I had to go to a mandatory four-day school camp and a week after that, anything related to technology I'd have to put on hold because CAROLS practice would be starting, which meant I had to focus on singing/studying for exams until the whole nightmare was over.

My sister promised to buy my a replacement the moment it happened, but, until the end of CAROLS, this was not an option. 

So two months passed, without the comfort of having my laptop with me. I missed a lot of really important events as well, and could only watch from a distance -through my lousy Nokia phone- as these events passed (:iconbloodyvocaloid:'s birthday, the Kagamine 100 Collab, THE END OF THE GIGAPAUSE, HALLOWEEN). 

By CHRISTMAS TIME I'd begun to lose hope, and instead just wallowed in my self-pity, since my sister (who generously decided to take me in for the holiday in hopes of teaching me to like new things) was usually working. I, for possibly the thirtieth time that month, asked her if she could at least find a temporary replacement for my charger. She said that since it's Christmas/Summer, I need to get out since I can't be wasting my time at home when it's so nice outMSN Eye Twitch . Long story short I found the couch from Sacred Spear Explosion Boy, I found a drink on the KFC menu I actually like and I don't hate sushi.

Since JHB is actually really boring if you're under 18, we drove back home, and she finally, FINALLY, gave me the money to buy the charger, before absconding two days later (since our hometown is apparently really boring if you're over 18). 

AFTER LITERALLY FOUR MONTHS (A QUARTER OF A FRICKIN' YEAR) WITHOUT MY LAPTOP, I'm finally back on deviantArt, back where I belong. 

This is pretty much the only reason why I'd be away from DeviantArt for so long.

A lot of the things I'll be posting for the rest of this month are going to be things I was going to post back then, but could't because laptop. 

Rotation Test - Laptop 
Oh yeah, I got stung in the face by a bee yesterday.


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I make bases

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